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Goddess Temple: The Worldly Left-hand Path Consorts

January 18, 2015

The ancient Egyptian Goddess Seshat, she who measures temple space, is depicted with a hemp leaf in her head dress. Pharaoh Tuthmosis III (1479 to 1425 B.C.E.) called her Sefkhet-Abwy (She of the seven points). Hemp was used to make measuring cords, and paper. Seshat was the Goddess of libraries, knowledge, and geomancy. She stands upon a marijuana flower bud, amidst a field of hemp bushes, with a hookah pipe, as she measures with tool, and cord. Spell 10 of the Coffin text states “Seshat opens the door of heaven for you”.


Hecate, the Goddess whose name means 100th part, most likely an homage to the seasonal sewing of seeds. She hails from Anatolia, present day Turkey. Later recognized in Greek culture, then later re-identified by the Romans as “Trivia”. Hecate’s incense is burned at crossroads, during twilight, and it is purified when the moon’s rays are shining on it. Her symbolism contains a hearth, usually used for warmth, cooking, and light in the twilight hours. She carries keys to a thrice locked door, the Gates of her mystery, a torch, and 100 beams protruding from both hands. For this reason I drew 3 faces, and six arms, in traditional Goddess Tantra dakini, Kuru-kulle form. She wears a white head band, is horned, in white, golden, and red faced, her halo the moon itself, her wrathful red side shooting arrows, and turning an iron wheel, resembling the Dharma wheel symbol. Below her feet, flanking her burning hearth, with a lotus tsunami above, sits snakes, lions, and wolves her familiar beast companions.

Her position is Fire of Earth (Hearth).


Hel is the Norse Goddess of the Underworld, Niflheim, hall of Elvidnir, Eljunir, which means misery, her table is Hungur, meaning hunger. Helheim is a realm which has 32 rivers that all come from the spring Hwergelmer, these rivers flank the tree, in which her body is half stuck inside. She dances opposite of Hecate in posture form over a lotus of ice, on top of a pile of skulls, symbolic of Kor, or exhaustion. A wolf, and serpent rest at her sides, representing Ganglate (go slow), and Ganglöt (go lazy), also she is the sister of Fenrir, and Jormungand, so they are familiars in homage to her. Among ancient gravestones, she has knife which is called Sultur for punishing gluttony, or voracity, in which I designed like a scythe, typically wielded by Death. She is the daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboda, which means Fearbringer. Above her are Norse, and Celtic symbols of witchcraft, and her name spelled in Ancient runes from the Elder Futhark.

Her position is Water of Earth (Ice).


Pomba Gira, consort of Exu, an Orisha in the Umbanda, and Quimbanda Voodoo traditions, she is holding a divine trident, complete with bones, and crosses, with a snake wrapped around, and weapons in the shape of her sigil. She drinks a skull-cup of blood,  on top of an inverted triangle trough of green poison, amidst a vine of seven roses, wielding a dorje-phurba in homage to the similarity between this practice in Tibet compared to the African, with the symbols “EXU”, a pentagram, a moon around her jeweled crowned head, complete with weapon belt with hexagram, dagger, and pistol, wearing only a royal cape, with shiny black boots, blonde hair on a shapely feminine sensual tanned figure, she spins tornados that flank her, and rides ocean waves that surround her. She is the embodiment of beauty, and strength.

Her position is Air of Water.


Lady Babalon, Goddess of the sacred Abyss. She drinks from a golden chalice of blood, symbolic of the Holy Graal, she stands upon an inverted triangle trough of blood, within firey space, she rides a seven-headed serpent, whose tail coils around the sun, in homage to the Mehen serpent. She holds a Uas scepter symbolic of her male consort in Thelema, Set, amidst the Hebrew letters “BABALON”.

Her position is Fire of Air.


The Great Goddess, Black Tara of Death, Palden Lhamo, she resides in the charnel ground, she is crying, and carrying 8 severed heads. She is the Dark Tantric Goddess of all traditional Left-hand path initiates from Aghori, and Ngakpas.


Kali-ma, a Goddess with many similar attributes to Set.



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